Inferno Kart Racing Clutches

The Inferno Fury, Flame Fire and Inferno Blaze racing clutches are engineered to last longer and provide more consistent torque than conventional drum style racing clutches. The clutch shoes are thermo-dynamically designed to minimize heat transfer to the springs. This allows the clutch to handle the heat generated from the clutch without damage to the springs. The racing drum is stamped and machined to a tight tolerance on the inside diameter to ensure even contact between the shoe surface and the drum for consistent engagement and torque. The Inferno racing clutch series can be adjusted without removing the chain. Quick change springs allow less time making adjustments in the pits and more time on the track. Sprockets and springs are interchangeable between the Fury, Flame Fire and the Blaze. Designed for dirt or asphalt, oval, sprint or road courses, Inferno clutches are track tested and proven winners. Inferno clutches are shipping with needle bearing style designs but are still available in the oil impregnated bushing for certain applications. The new needle bearing sprockets and Inferno drum interface provide the best support of the drum when compared to other sprocket interfaces. The use the Inferno style racing sprockets will provide the best consistency and performance out of the clutch.

The Inferno Fury is an economical racing clutch designed for durability. The sprockets are heat treated steel and the hub is heat treated. The Fury is available with an oil impregnated bronze bushing, or a needle bearing. The Fury is a long lasting low maintenance design with some tunability. The Fury clutch can handle excessive heat and give you consistent torque all race season. The Fury clutch is a great choice for the super heavy class.

The Flame clutch includes all of the design advantages of the Fury but also includes several additional features. The clutch is fully tunable with optional weights. The optional weights alow the racer to make small adjustments to the engaging speed for optimal performance. The shoes have been designed to reduce chatter and provide smoother engagement over the Fury clutch. The shoes are lighter than a Fury shoe which reduces the inertia and include cleaning grooves to collect dirt/debris. The cleaning grooves maintain a smooth drum surface with less galling. The quick change springs, tuning weights, and new shoe design (with increased surface area) make the Flame clutch a great choice for the clone or LO206 for weight classes 400# or less. It is recommended to add the optional weights for super heavy classes.

The Inferno Fire racing clutch is the latest engineered product for the racing industry. The Fire clutch includes all of the design advantages of the Flame with several new features that make the Fire the best drum clutch available on the market. The Fire clutch has a bonded friction lining that improves consistency and performance. The friction material has been engineered to have a dynamic coefficient of friction that is very close to the static coefficient of friction. This creates a flatter engagement profile with less engine bogging during lock-up. The racer can utilize the optional weights to fine tune the clutch to keep the rpm in a band close to peak engine torque. This is very important for sprint racing to get the best acceleration off the corners. The Fire clutch is ideal for the LO206 engine because of the smooth engagement and the ability to tune the clutch for each color slide. The friction lining prevents the drum surface from galling so no sanding is needed inside the drum and the clutch should be cleaned with brake cleaner. Other new features include the needle bearing design, grease trap and drum vents. The grease trap is engineered to catch any grease or oil that comes out of the bearing. The added radial vents allow any debris to quickly exit the clutch without getting trapped under the shoes. Less contamination in the clutch gives better consistency and performance. These new features make the Fire clutch the best choice for all classes. It is recommended to add the optional weights in classes weighing 400# or over for additional torque capacity

The Inferno Blaze clutch is the lightest clutch in the Inferno product line. The Blaze clutch is a good choice for JR classes, small tracks or when running indoor racing where you want less rotating inertia in the clutch. The patented shoe design can be placed in a leading, trailing, or combination of leading and trailing orientation. The shoes also have 3 holes that allow the racer to add or remove weights to each shoe. Light and Heavy weights are available for optimal tuning. Quick changes with any combination of weights, springs, and shoe orientation gives the racer the ability to keep the clutch tuned to the tracks current condition or to the different tracks that you race.


Clutch Comparison
Features Inferno Blaze Inferno Fire Inferno Flame Inferno Fury
Patented Clutch Design
Heat Dissipating Shoe & Spring Design
Integral Key
Sintered Metal Clutch Shoes
Bonded Friction Lining
Interchangeable Sprockets
Quick Change Springs
Stamped/Machined Racing Drum
Machined Steel Sprockets
Heat Treated Hub
Track Tunable Shoes
Variable Shoe Configuration
Weights Included
Shoe Cleaning Grooves
Clean with WD-40
Clean with Brake CLeaner